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small ball

It was one of our casual mornings, meeting at the port for our every day coffee and chat by the sea. But this time everything would change. I was staring at the sunrise, licking my spoon and contemplating her words. Chellie was chewing her favourite pencil and was mumbling about one of her lists. She was so obsessed with lists. She even made one about the reasons why love at first sight doesn’t exist. Crazy as usually…
Out of nowhere, her mumbling got interrupted suddenly when a ball hit our table! The mess was terrible but Chellie was even more terribly furious. I started laughing. Indifferent as usually…
And then, he appeared. A tall black-haired man in his middle thirties, sweated and short of breath in his red shorts and socks. “Oh! I am so sorry!” he told, as he was trying to find the ball. I kept laughing with the way he apologised and of course the way Chellie gave him her most terrifying look. He decided to introduce himself and apologise once more. He smiled widely to her whispering “It is so unexpectedly nice to meet you… I am Dan and I am so sorry for all this inconvenience…”. “What a words’ choice!!!” I thought, “He likes her! He definitely likes her!”
She grabbed the ball from the table and kept it tightly in her handful, “I wish it was nice to meet you too, but it isn’t!”. He swiped his eyebrows wandering “Can I, at least, take my ball back?”. She looked him deeply in the eyes, smiled and naturally replied ” Of course not! You took our coffees, we keep the ball.” He smiled back and as he was walking away he shouted to her “You really have my attention.” Half an hour later, the waiter appeared to our table with a note on a napkin for Chellie:
“Please meet me here tonight at 10.
I want to apologise properly to win my ball back.
Until this very moment, Chellie and Dan are the most “in love” couple I’ve ever met. This was the alive proof that love at first sight exists. Not for everyone, but some people are lucky enough to experience it every now and then on this planet. So come on! Go out there and try to find your soul mate to win your ball back, and not only…