_the rules of the game

If you want to play this game, follow the rules you see here below.
If not, leave the box where you found it, give it back to whoever gave it to you
or give it to someone who would be interested to play it.

– Instructions / Rules*———————————————————–

1. Examine carefully the contents of the box.
2. Figure out the story they can tell you.
3. Continue or complete this story the way you like it,
by adding something in the box.
4. Visit the site www.palimpsestbook.net/book-(no of book)
and narrate your story.
5. Give this box away to someone who would like to play the game.
6. (optional)
See the stories of other players and keep track of the book-box and its journey.

*You can improvise with the above mentioned rules, as long as you don’t violate any of these principles:
- this box and its contents belong to no-one and to anyone who would like to read and write its story.
- keep the book-box and its story active and on the move.