Under this topic you can find information and photos about some of the back-stage stories concerning the project, the artist, those who helped in the realization of the game,  the terms of its use, etc.

NICA Summer School: Lost Objects

NICA Summer School: Lost Objects, Amsterdam 8-9 june 2011. Palimpsest was a part of the lecture “Holistic hallucinations or ways for objects to become subjects”. (paper here)

Unbound Book conference

  Presentation of the project in the frames of the Unbound Book conference in May 2011, Network Cultures,  Amsterdam           —————————————————————————————————————————-            

1. the project

This project was initiated by viki semou in february 2011. It will be alive and going as long as there will be people who like playing it. It consists of a game and a book about the stories inscribed on objects, their richness and arbitrariness; about property, authorship and copyright.   1.The Book-box A book [...]

2. the artist

For any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else do not hesitate to contact viki semou in esemou@gmail.com. More about the artist

3. processing

Stories about the processes of the creation of the books and their stories. – BOOK 0   – PRINTING  

4. acknowledgements

viki semou would like to thank: those who participated in the game and those who still keep it on the move the participants of the BOOK 0 Mara Karagianni Foppe Pieters Raquel Rives Mark Swindle Vangelis Tourloukis Amsterdamse Grafisch Atelier the surrealists and the bookcrossing community.

5. terms of use

The book-boxes on the road are not for sale and they can not be owned. The same applies for the objects in the books and the stories created. Everyone can use and enjoy them. You are allowed to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon this collective work only if you do it in a NON-COMMERCIAL [...]

Thank you

Each story submitted is not immediately posted in the website, in order to keep the spam out. Any remarks, suggestions and comments about the game and this site are more than welcome. Thank you for your understanding and, more importantly, Thank you for your participation!