Can O’ Tomato Paste was confused. What was its purpose in life, if not to be consumed? How could it get used to the idea of traveling instead? Spoon and Sock was trying to comfort it but it didn’t seem to listen… It was not right… It didn’t feel right… Its dream to participate in a huge lasagna dinner one day started painfully to faint away…

2 thoughts on “BOOK 11”

  1. ‘I beg your pardon?’ I said, ‘You want me to hold your sock, while you search for your tram ticket in your bag?’
    ‘ What, you think it’s dirty?’ The old lady grumbled, ‘It aint half as dirty as that spoon that is stuck on your left cheek!’
    ‘I’ve what?’ I said and felt my cheek with my right hand. I appeared that a metal spoon had clung to my cheek without me knowing it.
    ‘Nowadays fashion is it?’ the old lady asked suspiciously
    ‘No, I’m sorry,’ I apologized, ‘I’m Magnetic Man, metal things tend to cling to me.’
    ‘This too?’ The old lady asked and grabbed a can of tomato puree out of her bag and stuck it on my face. She smiled. Her old grey eyes twinkled.
    The tomato puree can held and before I knew it the old lady took the sock and placed it between my face and the tomato puree can as if it was a refrigerator magnet.
    She laughed with tears in her eyes.
    “You really are Magnetic Man!’ She hiccupped and pushed a card or something else between the spoon and me. She got up from her seat and left for the tram door.
    ‘I’m Queen of Tulips. She said and descended out the tram door to the street.

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