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Added to books:

mariou has added a(n) small ball

It was one of our casual mornings, meeting at the port for our every day coffee and chat by the sea. But this time everything would change. I was staring at the sunrise, licking my spoon and contemplating her words. Chellie was chewing her favourite pencil and was mumbling about one of her lists. She [...]

Gisela Krey has added a(n) The beautiful Lady Santé

This is no story … No, it is opposition. I look at a game which looks like a book. Should i accept the invitation, should i participate? Stupid question, naturally, i am still participating, whole life is nothing but a game. And art? Is a metaplay which makes the theatrical nature of life more obvious. [...]

Chellie has added a(n) pencil

She looked at her watch. It was time. It was lunch time. But not the regular one. Today a surprise was waiting for him. She served his pasta with the tomato puree from the can and she cutted into small pieces so he could have it easily with a spoon. And then she went into [...]

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Wolfgang Sammler has added a(n) aluminium piece, ready to be recycled-former closure of a pupils ready-made lunch

I’d like to type my story on the PC, but it offered to much resistance for a beginner. So I come back to the old-fashioned way… (see the image for the rest of the story)

Eleni has added a(n) Μαντήλι

Ημέρα Κυριακή… Συννεφιασμένη… Μια μοναχική κυρία, 45 χρονών… παρέα με τη γάτα της, βγήκε στο μικρό της κήπο. Και όπως κάθε Κυριακή, έφαγε τη συγκεκριμένη κονσέρβα, με το συγκεκριμένο μάυρο κουτάλι, έχοντας στη δεξιά της τσέπη τη συγκεκριμένη κάλτσα και στην αριστερή το ίδιο πάντα μαντήλι! Κάθε Κυριακή!

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Juergen Obermayer has added a(n) Part of container for acupuncture needles

Sitze nun 43 Tage vor meinen Besitztümern und nichts. Alles ganz anders, als es scheint. Mein Expeditionsschlafsack hat die Daumen verloren. Kaum mehr verwendbar. Eher ein alter grauer Socken für einen Giganten Fuß, eher ein toter Silberlöwe, ein Kuguar (engl. cougar, aus frz. couguar). Während ich schlief und vom über die Ufer getretenen Fluss träumte, [...]

tasos has added a(n) ρολόι

Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό, υπήρχε ένα εγκαταλελλημένο σπίτι, έξω από την πόλη και τη βουή της, ανάμεσα σε τοματόκηπους και μπαξέδες γεμάτους λουλούδια. Ο μόνος κάτοικος αυτού του σπιτιού ήταν ένα ποντίκι, το οποίο, μετά από τόσα χρόνια εκεί, είχε φάει σχεδόν όλα τα πράγματα που είχαν αφήσει οι ένοικοι αυτού του σπιτιού πριν [...]

Gerhard has added a(n) 1 schwarze Herrensocke

In der Box befinden sich: 1 Dose mit Tomatenkonzentrat, 1 Suppenlöffel, 1 weißes Damensöckchen. Schön und gut, aber was lässt sich damit anfangen? Mit dem Tomatenkonzentrat könnte ich eine Suppe kochen und mit dem Löffel aufessen. Aber was kann man mit dem Damensöckchen machen, ohne die dazu gehörige „Dame“? Ich müsste folglich wohl oder übel [...]

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Joa, Lidia e Christina has added a(n) 3 walnuts

La Befana vien di notte Con le scarpe tutte rotte Col vestito alla romana Viva, Viva La Befana! Anche Joa quest’ anno aveva messo la calza, ed anche da Joa quest’ anno è venuta la Befana. L’ abbiamo invitata per un bel piatto di spaghetti al sugo di pomodoro; con il cucchiaio se l’è mangiata [...]

marina has added a(n) tea bag

Tras echar un vistazo a las habitaciones vacías, se dispuso a limpiar y preparar el apartamento para los nuevos inquilinos. Metió los objetos que encontró en una caja de cartón: una cuchara que no era suya, un calcetín verde sin pareja, una latita de tomate aún comestible, una bolsita de infusión o té, caramelos marca [...]

Jeroen has added a(n) one dollar bill

Until now, the box holds a tomato puree can, a spoon, dextro energy wrapped in paper stating ‘keep strong’, a grocery list, a sock and bag of tea.. I believe the story is related to the crisis and how to keep alive on the streets: tomato puree contains the necessary vitamins.. the spoon is needed [...]

Ragna has added a(n) paper plane

It seemed to her there was something missing.. though she never needed much in life, It felt like an incomplete journey when she checked her possessions. Wondering what would happen, she burned the green sock with the last match in the box. In five minutes is was gone to ashes. Then she cried. The ritual [...]

Witta has added a(n) billeta de entrada

This is a story of ovals and circles. All the things inside the box contain something oval or something circular. There is an oval spoon, an oval soccer ball knitted on a sock, a circular can of tomato paste, and a billeta de entrada. It could be the story of the ovals vs the cirles, [...]

Edward Janssen has added a(n) a package of Massage Oil (orange)

it was the sock that triggered me/ while i know there was a lot more. i hesitated, i wasn’t sure, it was the sock that triggered me. After a walk on black socks, i lost one. I don’t know why. so there was i, to walk further on only one sock. if i would have [...]

Margret Wibmer has added a(n) pencil sharpener with traces of lipstick

hidden between pieces of paper, invitations, a plastic bag with ‘dangerous liquids’, pens and other useful things inside a serpentine green ladies bag.

dirk van weelden has added a(n) .

A farm, very isolated, in a lush hilly countryside. Autumn. A storm is coming, the sky is dark and threatening. A woman is making her way back to the farm. In her bag are groceries she bought back in the village. Among them a small can of concentrated tomato paste. She has about half a [...]

dimitra has added a(n) candy

One day I realized I was running..Why? I asked myself. So then I opened a book to read. It was a book about a spoon that loved tomato sauce! What was missing? Spaghetti? Rice..hmmm! No a sock. To put them together and capture their love forever. I added them a nice candy to sweeten up [...]

jo has added a(n) magazine

Sock, tomato-can and spoon are embarking on a trip towards the heart of their religious homeland: jerusalem! Yes, the three of them are deeply christian. They know each other from their weekly get-together at the praise-the-lord-jesus meetings. Tomato-can, however, is not well. She has never flown in her life. She feels like throwing up. Some [...]

Raquel Rives has added a(n) red nose

Cuchara y Calcetín llevaban cinco años juntos. La relación hacia tiempo que estaba marchita o quizás nunca había dejado de estarlo. Se habían conocido en un mercadillo del pueblo. Calcetín quedó deslumbrado por las curvas de Cuchara y Cuchara pensó que sería bonito dormir arropada por las noches. Pero desgraciadamente poco más que las curvas [...]

Dick Swart has added a(n) queen of tulips

I beg your pardon?’ I said, ‘You want me to hold your sock, while you search for your tram ticket in your bag?’ ‘ What, you think it’s dirty?’ The old lady grumbled, ‘It aint half as dirty as that spoon that is stuck on your left cheek!’ ‘I’ve what?’ I said and felt my [...]

jo has added a(n) -

I tried to explain de Dutch term “erin geluisd.” But now its to time go in. sorry

Emilie Randoe has added a(n) tampon

For years I have practiced traveling light. For years I have failed. Always too much stuff in mu suitcase. But now I finally know how to do it. Just leauve most stuff at home! So this time I packed a small box with only one sock (in caseI suffer from a cold foot) a spoon [...]

Jaqueline Bosma has added a(n) .

I need to think of something. I need to cover up the mess I made. It needs to look bad, not good. My mind races, as does my heart. Why do I always fuck up this way? On the table is a tin of tomato concentrate. I open it. I take one of her pristine, [...]

henry warwick has added a(n) tramticket

There once was a sock named grey Who took a tram far far away When the spoon disagreed with the tomatoes pureed The sock said, “I’m done, have a nice day.”

michalis has added a(n) yo-yo

eva has added a(n) wallnut

Zuperkoleoptera has added a(n) Camel cigaret pack

Keys in the sand. Loaded the car, picked up my girlfriend and left for my first car trip. Two weeks later the car remained parked most of the time while we had lost sense of time and space, in a place full of sand and cider trees. He visited us for 3 days,with his motorcycle, [...]