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Ragna in has added a(n) paper plane

It seemed to her there was something missing.. though she never needed much in life, It felt like an incomplete journey when she checked her possessions. Wondering what would happen, she burned the green sock with the last match in the box. In five minutes is was gone to ashes. Then she cried. The ritual did its work. Finally, she could mourn.

Jeroen in has added a(n) one dollar bill

Until now, the box holds a tomato puree can, a spoon, dextro energy wrapped in paper stating ‘keep strong’, a grocery list, a sock and bag of tea..

I believe the story is related to the crisis and how to keep alive on the streets: tomato puree contains the necessary vitamins.. the spoon is needed to eat from it – and as a self defense tool in times of peril, the sock for warmth, dextro energy for times of need, a bag of tea for warmth (although the necessary water is missing – still have to find a solution for that), the grocery list is a remainder of better times and something to cling onto for hope. I added a one dollar bill that I brought from the USA, to be able to buy a bagel on christmas day.

marina in has added a(n) tea bag

Tras echar un vistazo a las habitaciones vacías, se dispuso a limpiar y preparar el apartamento para los nuevos inquilinos. Metió los objetos que encontró en una caja de cartón: una cuchara que no era suya, un calcetín verde sin pareja, una latita de tomate aún comestible, una bolsita de infusión o té, caramelos marca Dextro, una pluma de edredón Ikea y un avioncito de papel con palabras escritas en holandés.
¿De dónde era el último tipo? ¿Italiano? Sin tomarse un segundo más para pensarlo, cerró la caja, anotó nº28 – D 2012 en un lateral y la colocó sobre las otras.