Sock was old-fashioned and could not understand a thing from the slang that Can O’ Tomato Paste and Spoon were talking all the time. Sock spend most of the time avoiding them, being isolated in one corner of the box lost in dreams and longing for the day its dear twin would come back to become a pair again. ‘The perfect match’, as everybody used to say!… Aaaaaaah…

1 thought on “BOOK 10”

  1. A farm, very isolated, in a lush hilly countryside. Autumn. A storm is coming, the sky is dark and threatening. A woman is making her way back to the farm. In her bag are groceries she bought back in the village. Among them a small can of concentrated tomato paste. She has about half a mile to go and reach the kitchen door. Somehow she never makes it. A few days later, her son finds a sock at the side of the road, it’s definitely hers. A rough thick cotton sock with two pink stripes. The policeman visiting the farm and the shocked farmer and his kids is staring into his coffeecup, endlessly stirring with a small metal spoon. Everybody looks at him, hoping for a clue, he frowns and stirs. No tracks, no clues, no witnesses.

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